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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


linen dress lovin'

both dresses are from son de flor. you can shop their new collection here!


hello and happy weekend! i hope this past week has been a good one for you. mine has been filled with homework and house hunting. the housing market where we live in arizona is sooo bad right now and is the absolute worst time to be buying. boo for us. we have always wanted an older, run-down house that we can buy and completely renovate. even the older houses are selling at such expensive prices! we have placed offers on three houses at listing price, and we get outbid by like $20,000+. it's crazy! so if you're also trying to buy a house right now, we feel your pain!


quick blurb about my new favorite dresses!! i posted more pictures of them here and am obsessed with every single one. i posted this on my instagram story earlier this week, but all of their dresses come with pockets. even better, they print the sweetest poems on the prettiest paper and roll them up with some cute string and put them in each pocket. it's the best surprise when you put on the dress for the first time! even better than finding an old crumpled $20, dare i say.


florals??? for spring?? GROUND BREAKING.


some highlights of our week:

  • storie having a play date with her first cousin once removed (my cousin that is four months older than storie), pearl, and falling in LOVE with her. she keeps on saying "puh" and wants to watch videos of her. it is so sweet!
  • tonight is date night!! this week is going to be a good one because we're going to see "a quiet place" and it's friday the 13th... oooOOOoOoooooo!!!!
  • we fiiiiiiiinally got storie a new carseat. when we went to her one year pediatrician appointment, our doctor told us to keep her in her infant carseat as long as we could. her poor shoulders hardly fit in anymore haha and the buckles would sometimes pinch her yummy thigh rolls. now she is high rollin' in a forward-facing THRONE. with a cup holder.
  • i started my last paper for my Shakespearean literature class. i'm one of those weird people that genuinely enjoys writing and i get really excited when i start drafting an essay! i'm analyzing richard's seduction of lady anne in richard iii, if anyone is familiar with shakespeare haha. basically, there's this evil dude named richard who wants to be king so he kills a bunch of people to get to the throne (kind of like storie's forward-facing throne. but not as cool). some of these people include lady anne's dad and husband. and then he seduces her and convinces her to marry him hahahah it's crazy. my paper is analyzing the encounter. 
  • i got hired for some SUPER COOL free-lance content creating work. it will definitely test my creativity and i'm so so excited about it.
  • i posted something on my instagram story that i feel super strongly about and got so many good responses! i shared that over HALF of american adults are overweight or obese, but then questioned why there are SO LITTLE plus-sized clothing stores. i asked for any and all thoughts on this incongruency and you guys had such good things to say. i got literally hundreds of responses and they were all so enlightening. it was so awesome! thank you if you shared your opinion!

thank you for reading! i hope you have an amazing weekend! xo

both dresses are from son de flor. you can shop their new collection here!

agritopia + son de flor

agritopia + son de flor