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valentine's day : what to wear

valentine's day : what to wear

this is me fully admitting that i am already thinking about valentine's day!!!! is this a sin? an unwritten rule? like playing christmas music before thanksgiving? i don't care. i hate when holidays just sneak up on you and you have FOMO because you didn't fully appreciate the time leading up to the holiday. i am here to make sure you don't forget and also so that your valentine's day outfits have plenty of time to be shipped to you if needed!!

here are some of my favorite v-day favs. they are all under $25 because, let's face it, saving a little money is never a bad thing. i don't think you should drop hunnids to feel cute. you're cute all by yourself. but a lil pink and red never hurt anyone.

vd zara top.jpg

this blouse is from zara and i looooove it!! i think it's so feminine and perfect for a valentine's day date. $13.99.

vd sweater.jpeg

this sweater is for all y'all that are enduring a frozen winter. you shouldn't have to be ugly while u freeze. $14.

vd pink ruffle.jpg

another zara goodie. i like this cute top because you can dress it up or down depending what you pair it with. it's also good for just a ~~subtle reference to v-day. not obvious hearts and lips, but still appropriate for the holiday, U FEEL? $7.99.

VD cami.jpg

this cami is a winner because it's pink AND lacy AND velvety! i would probably pair this with a black top with trumpet sleeves. $12.99.

vd fp bow.jpeg

i'm obsessed with this bow! perfect for pairing with an all black or all denim outfit for just a subtle VD outfit upgrade. $18.

vd pep hem.jpeg

cutie dress for those of you overachievers that want to put something on other than sweatpants and, like, leave your house. just because i'm a grandma and will probs be asleep by 9:30 doesn't mean you need to be. it's all fine. we're fine. $22.

vd female purse.jpeg

you'll be the belle of the galentine ball with this bag!! $20.

vd ruffle.jpeg

shirt!! so dainty!!!!! i love. $12.50.

vd shoes.jpeg

valentine's day in shoe form!! $14.

vd velvet wrap.jpg

i'm loving the wrap top trend that is going on right now! i think it's so flattering on everyone. $20.

while we're here, talking about cheap clothes, let's just establish something: life is too short to act like you are too good for forever 21. that's all. G'NIGHT.

valentine's day : manicures

valentine's day : manicures

friday favs

friday favs