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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


friday favs

friday favs

hi + happy friday!! i hope you guys had a good week. we have had kind of a rough one. we're still staying with my parents and everyone in my entire family has been SO SICK! my dad gets sick maybe once every two years and he has been sleeping for three days straight. my mom caught it the day after him and we are just trying our hardest to keep storie away so she doesn't get a fever. the last time she had a fever was when she had her seizures, so they freak us out pretty bad. ANYWAY. here are some of my favorites i found over the past few days. 

ff dress.jpg

i love this dress! i think the sleeve and neck detail are so pretty.

ff fp bow.jpeg

this bow is super cute. so easy to throw onto a messy pony or bun to make it look chic.

leopard purse.jpeg

i love this cute purse! i am loving smaller circular bags and i think the leopard (cheetah?) pattern is a cute pop of pattern. 

jeffrey campbel bow shoes.jpeg

these shoes!! if i didn't marry brandtly thornton, i would marry jeffrey campbell. partially because he's probably a nice guy. but mostly for his footwear.

ff anthro blouse.jpeg

i like the contrast of the structured stripe top to the flowy, lacy bottom of this blouse. the earrings aren't half bad, either. *drools*

ff oxford.jpg

shoes. hi

ruffly dress.jpeg

this dress!! and there are those shoes again. in a different color. still love them.

ff fp sandals.jpeg

...and another pair of shoes that i love. i am all about the easy, no-fuss, no buckle-no ties-no strap shoes. 

fp earrings.jpeg

i love these earrings, too! so so cute.


valentine's day : what to wear

valentine's day : what to wear

friday favs: jeans edition

friday favs: jeans edition