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friday favs: jeans edition

friday favs: jeans edition

TGIF! a current trend i am loving right now are the fun variations of denim. they are such a nice contrast from the solid, super skinny jean trend we had for so long. here are some of my favs that i found this week: different styles, different price points, and i want them all. byyyye.

ff tjmaxx.jpg

this pair!! only $20! i got two amazing pairs of jeans (one with trumpet hem jeans and one with gold and black fringe hem embellishment) for $35 total at the most random place-- TJ maxx!! they are the perfect amount of stretchiness and i was stoked on the price. 

ff zara bnw.jpg

another pair of striped jeans at another great price! zara is having one of their big sales right now (they have these crazy discounts on the whole store several times throughout the year. wait for these and never buy anything full price!). 

ff anthro jeans.jpeg

this pair is so fun! anthropologie has my heart forever + ever. i would die for anthropologie. devote my life to anthropologie. become an anthropologist. *switches major* *is shocked to not have a volcano-scented diploma*

ff black jeans3.jpg

i included this cute pair because i made a pair just like this about a year and a half ago for about $20. i thrifted some basic black jeans (the ones i got were a super soft corduroy) and then went to jo ann fabric to get some black pom-pom trim. then i just stitched them on the hem! super easy and i always get lots of compliments on them. or, you can just buy these. either way you'll look gewd.

ff white jeans.jpeg

this pair! my white aesthetic senses are tingling.

ff embel flair.jpeg

i love these! the raw jeweled hem is poppin'.

ff velvet stripe.jpeg

the velvet-esque stripe, the puffball heel, the mustard + burgundy color combo... i love it all! see these pants here.

ff gauchos.jpg

like the sexy, stylish cousin of the 2004 gaucho. i love these. and i want to pair them with these.

friday favs

friday favs