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beat the heat + coocoo for coco rave

beat the heat + coocoo for coco rave

--- check out coco rave swimwear for the cutest suits for the season! ---


ahh, triple-digit temperatures... nice to see you! you + i might as well get acquainted, since you will be hanging around until thanksgiving or so. whoop-dee-do.

as an arizona native, i grew up accustomed to the heat. it was something you just dealt with. it is a summer completely unlike the rest of the world: you simply don't go outside unless you are in the water. romanticized concepts of county fairs, hikes, or bike rides are simply not possible unless you want to literally melt while doing so. i moved away to utah that has a much milder summertime climate (although the tradeoff is a frozen tundra during the winter, NO THANK YOU. you don't have to shovel sunshine, am i right?), and i was kind of shocked when i moved back and arizona days just kept getting hotter... and hotter... and still hotter.

not everyone has a pool and not everyone can stay inside 24/7 without going stir crazy. i have to get out of the house at least twice a day or i lose my mind. here are some of my tips for staying cool this summer with your kiddos in the grand canyon state:

1. find places that have something with water and something without. mine and storie's current fav is the mesa riverview park. it has a splash pad that is always poppin' but it also has an accompanying playground, pond, fields, etc. this allows storie to have multiple options for what she wants to do, but we can always go back to the splash pad area and cool off before looking at ducks or sliding on the slides or whatever. plus, chick fil a is right across the street and we love splitting a kiddie cone together afterwards!

2. get water-friendly shoes. kind of random, but this has saved us! it's too hot to not wear shoes and it is also too hot to not be in the water, so it has been super convenient for me to not have to worry about storie ruining her shoes! she has these and i have these. (sidenote on mine: i have seen them at nordstrom rack multiple times for half the price in way more colors, so check there first!!)

3. find a swimsuit you looooove. you'll be in your swimming suit a lot. you deserve to be in one that you absolutely adore! i recently found coco rave swimwear and i will neeeeever go back. you know how some swimsuits have super low leg cutouts and your legs look like stumps? or some swimsuits have suuuuuper high leg cutouts and you always have a permanent wedgie? coco rave is right in between. it has the most flattering cut and the material is perfect: not too loose and not too tight. plus, they have bra sized swimwear so their suits can fit anybody and any body. i'm obsessed! i got this one in the blue (wearing above!!) and this one in the hot pink. i can't recommend them enough! they are my new favorite place to get swimsuits. the quality can't be beat!

4. drink tons of water. hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. nothing more to say here.

5. get a little handheld fan to carry around in your purse/diaper bag. i drive a smaller sedan and the air ventilation isn't very good in the back where storie sits. i feel soooo bad for her. i got her a small little fan that she can operate by herself to keep her a little bit cooler when we're en route!

6. packit... you got me, infomercials. i used to be so annoyed at these products because i always so them on obnoxious informercials, but i actually love them :/ they are lunch bags that you can put in the freezer so they keep your food cold! i think it is so worth the space/weight they take up in your bag to be able to offer your kiddo some nice cold grapes or a cold bag of bell peppers when their face is as red as a tomato. you can check them out here!

stay cooled off, my friends!! xx

--- check out coco rave swimwear for the cutest suits for the season! ---

housing update #4: lessons learned

housing update #4: lessons learned