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11 things

11 things

helloooo! hope you are having a good week. here are 11 random things that have been happening over in our neck of the woods as of late...

1. i am officially done with finals!! i took my last two today and i am done with the spring semester. i have a two week break and then i hop right back into summer classes! 

2. storie's vocabulary is EXPLODING. i heard somewhere that kids should say 18 words by 18 months... she is for sure saying over 50 words. it is so so cute. it's so much fun being able to communicate with her!

3. piggybacking off of number two, storie is just getting so much more mature in general. in the last couple of weeks, she has developed the cutest interest in helping me. she loooves helping me unload the dishwasher, put away the laundry, and throw away the trash (especially the last one, she is obsessed with the trashcan haha). i have gotten in the habit of giving her something to put away every time we get out of the car, whether it's an empty applesauce pouch or a pair of her shoes. it is the freaking cutest thing in the world to watch her know exactly where to put stuff.

4. piggybacking off of number three!!! i think storie is a little bit OCD! she is ALWAYS shutting doors and cupboards. if a door is too heavy for her or if it has a doorstop on it that she can't figure out, she gets super bugged that she can't shut it and stomps her feet. hahaha it's so funny.

5. piggybacking off of number four!!!!!!! she has a music recital on monday night!! i am so excited. she and i have done a mommy and me music class for the past year (the class sessions are once a week for a half hour for a semester, so we are just finishing up our second time in the course) and monday is her big night to show off everything she has learned ;) she will be on stage for literally 90 seconds and sing two songs (one where she claps, stomps her feet, spins around, and jumps) and the ABC song. you better believe i'm filming it and will be one of those annoying mom that cries over the mere sight of seeing her kid on the stage. what have i become

6. we are going to six flags in california tomorrow! we = me, brandtly, my two brothers jess (20) and jake (18), and their dates. we're going for jake's senior prom day activity and brandtly and i are the lucky supervisors :) i am so excited-- i think roller coasters are SO fun and i haven't been to an amusement park in forever! plus, six flags funnel cake

7. brandtly joined a softball team! he's on a city league and he'll have two games a week. i am so happy for him because he looooves baseball and i think he'll have a blast.

8. something i have been thinking a lot lately: the world needs you. just you. completely as you are. we live in a fairly competitive society and i think it is so easy to think "i wish i was funny like her" or "i wish that i had her optimistic attitude" or "how does she have SO many cute clothes and i am a potato"... etc. etc. while i think it is WONDERFUL to have role models and individuals that inspire/encourage you to be your best self, i also think it is just as wonderful to be perfectly content knowing that no one else in the world is just like you. you have something priceless to offer, simply because you are you! don't lose yourself in the process of trying to be like someone else.

9. honey pretzel twist sticks dipped in nutella.

10. i am in need of new face makeup. what do i get? powder, bb cream. liquid? brand? i am lost like jack and kate.

11. we should close on our house by the end of the month!! read more about our latest housing update here. 

thanks so much for reading! here is a fav quote i heard this week: "you ask me, 'what's the greatest act of faith?' to me it is to look in the mirror of God's word, and to see all my faults, all my sin, all my shortcomings and to believe that God loves me exactly how he says he does."

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