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housing update #3: the plan

housing update #3: the plan

hi + welcome to our virtual house tour!! here are our super cute before pictures that we can't wait to transform.

we're painting the entire house white and installing wide wooden planks in every room except for the bathrooms! we wanted to start with a very blank canvas so that we can have freedom to personalize and accessorize each room and make it truly our own. here are our ideas!! 

front view.jpg

this is the view of our home from the front door!! we're planning on adding a raw wooden beam across the fireplace to create a mantle. on the mantle, i'll put photos of our little fam and various trinkets (aka: PLANTS!!!!!!!!!). the wall to the left of the fireplace directly across from the front door will have a beautiful picture of Christ (haven't picked one out yet-- does anyone have any suggestions?). family and jesus are the most important things to brandtly and i, and we want that to be reminded of that every time we enter our home!

new house5.jpg
new house1.jpg

there's a 4 X 4 platform slightly elevated from the rest of the flooring in the house right as you walk in. we are going to be doing white honeycomb tile here with a fun little twist! this might be my favorite renovation plan so far. i'm super excited to show you guys!

new house2.jpg

different view of the front door (left) and small closet (right). i'm super excited about this little closet! one of my pet peeves is when random piles of mail, keys, purses, wallets, whatever, end up on the counter and sits there for days (weeks? just us?) cluttering up the space. i'm wanting to add a shelf in this closet to hold all of this "stuff". it has super convenient access since it's right off of the entry, but we can simply shut the door if it ever gets too cluttered! also, shoes. i always find myself wanting a pair of shoes for me + storie right by the front door. 

new house3.jpg

this is off to the left of the front door! i was super happy that we have a sliding door because storie is obsessed with giving kisses through the glass. she opens her mouth and squishes her nose-- it's the best. that door will probably be filthy 99% of the time, but in a good way :) we're also planning on adding a wooden beam along the ceiling that separates the room with the fireplace (the family room) from this room (the dining area!)

new house6.jpg

that little nook will be our dining area! table with dining chairs and a bench and barstools by the bar. we're also changing out the light fixture for a mid-century modern sputnik.

new house7.jpg

i'm super excited about this bar area as well! we're going to do some awesome tile backsplash for a fun little pop since all of our walls are white and our furniture is fairly neutral. i would also eventually like to knock out the cabinet space above the bar and the wall to the right of the bar to open up the space even more, but we're not going to do that right away.

new house 10.jpg

these upper cabinets will be knocked out right away! we're going to do a more neutral tile backsplash all the way up to the ceiling and install some open shelves. we're also getting a big farmhouse sink! i think our faucet and the rest of our cabinet/drawer hardware will be brass. our new countertops will be white (maybe marble?). haven't decided yet! 

new house13.jpg

opposite side of the kitchen that overlooks the dining area! i want to do something fun on both sides where there's a bit of wall space between the countertops and the bottom of the cabinets. maybe a spice rack? a roll of butcher paper for grocery lists? if you have any ideas, drop 'em below! 

new house9.jpg

this is the end of the hallway looking towards the front of the house! we have a little laundry closet on the left and the bathroom is on the right! storie's room is behind me to the right and the master bed and bath is behind me to the right.


here is said laundry closet! can't call it a laundry room because it's definitely not haha. nothing special or spacious. but i'm ready to give this a face lift for some fresh paint, updated shelves, and some fresh eucalyptus! this is the first place we've ever lived with laundry in our house, so we are feeling like ROYALTY! 


here is our "community bathroom"! we're replacing the sink vanity for something more modern. we're also installing some awesome white hexagon tile with black floral accents that i'm so excited about. i'm so excited for storie to take baths in here! it will definitely be an upgrade from the kitchen sink she has been in since birth. 


this is storie's room! there is a window farther along the right side of the room and a HUGE closet. both our bedroom and storie's have giant walk-in closets! when my mom first asked how big the closets were, my response was, "you can fit three pack 'n plays in there, EASY." mom life, haha! 


here is our master bedroom! first and foremost: yes. our sinks are in the bedroom. not the bathroom. everyone that i've shown pictures to has been kind of traumatized by this abnormality, but it honestly never bothered me. i think it's kinda quirky and fun! i'm planning on doing tile about three feet out from the sink that continues into the bathroom to the left and doing a cool transition to the hardwood floor that will ground the rest of our bedroom. inspo pics below:

tile melt.jpg
tile melt2.jpg

our master bathroom is pretty small. so small i couldn't quite get a good picture of it, haha! there's a small linen closet that you practically walk into (it's to the left of the toilet) that we're transforming into an open shelving unit. we'll eventually get new tile in the shower and get a pretty glass wall with a cool shower head, but not any time in the immediate future.


this area is right outside of our master bedroom! a sliding glass door leads out to this space, aka storie's kingdom. i'm so excited for her to play back here while i work on projects from my room or do makeup by my sinks that are in my bedroom. it's a good life. 

new house8.jpg

here is the other part of our backyard! that pool is a delicious shade of green, don't you agree? brandtly is wanting to put a slide into the pool from the roof. and install a pizza oven. and put a squat rack by the pool. stay tuned.

thanks for touring our house with us!! we are hoping to get all the floor ripped out by memorial day (monday), start painting next week, and have the flooring installed by the beginning of june! wish us luck and drop any tips you have about house renovations below! xo 

housing update #4: lessons learned

housing update #4: lessons learned

i only have fr-eyes for you

i only have fr-eyes for you