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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


things i've learned from being a mother

things i've learned from being a mother

before i was a mother, i didn't know that...

  • an uninterrupted meal is just about the best thing in the world

  • babies discover their hands around three months old and it is the cutest thing in the world.

  • epidurals are NBD compared to the contractions

  • you can't sit normally for a couple of weeks after giving birth

  • fevers can cause seizures

  • showers/applying makeup/styling your hair is just about the hardest part of the day

  • diapers don't really stink until babies start eating solid foods (TMI? sorry)

  • you should ALWAYS carry wipes. even when you are POSITIVE you won't need them

  • snacks will save your life

  • date nights will also save your life

  • i would never again feel bothered by a baby crying/screaming in public

  • i actually WOULDN'T "treasure every moment" like every person told me to at my baby shower. being a mom is hard. feeling like you have to be obsessed with every single millisecond of it is even harder. you are allowed to feel tired and you are allowed to-- dare i say-- dislike your life at times. it doesn't make you a bad person or a bad mom.

  • i would be a little kid all over again!! easter egg hunts!! bubbles!! popsicles!! somehow, it's even better the second time around.

  • most of my friendships would be lost. this is one i'm still struggling with. times change and people change, and i'm trying to be okay with that.

  • privacy isn't a thing anymore. personal space???? who is she????

  • naptime becomes a freakin' whirlwind of productivity. laundry, dishes, homework, answering emails, sweeping the floor, etc. i have never been so excited to clean uninterruptedly.

  • leaving... the house... is a nightmare...

happy mothers day to EVERYONE! 

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