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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


rodan + fields

rodan + fields


i’m a fairly low maintenance gal. i’ve owned drugstore makeup my entire life, spend $3.29 each on my shampoo and conditioner, and only have eyelash extensions because it means i can look semi-decent and not get ready at all.

that being said, my skincare routine has been pretty much non-existent. i would buy whatever cheap face wash they had at target while i was fantasizing over joanna gaines and occasionally wash my face when it felt oily, but that’s pretty much it. 

one of my major new years resolutions was to practice self love. this can obviously look different on everyone and can be practiced in so many ways. in the month of march, i wanted to emphasize self love by taking more time for myself. between caring for my amazing daughter, juggling my job, going to school full time, spending time with family, doing homework, nurturing my relationship with my husband, etc... there is little time left for just myself! i tried to take care of me so that i, in turn, would have more to give to those that matter most to me. there were some days when i felt super tired and run down, so i skipped going to the gym. instead, i would go on a relaxing stroller walk with storie and leave my phone at home. there were days where i would paint my nails instead of sweeping the floor. i shaved my legs. i got some yummy salt scrub. i like self care.


something else i prioritized was my skin care! i know that it's important to care for your skin and i made the time to do it. this reverse regimen was PERFECT for me!! my skin has a tendency to have discolorations more than it has a tendency to get zits or pimples, and this product smoothed me right out. it was perfect to cleanse and brighten my skin. it felt good to go to sleep each night with a squeaky clean face, pat myself on the back, and get a good night's rest.

i was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easy it was! the four products seemed really daunting to my usual... zero products. it hardly added any time to my nighttime routine! i would cleanse my face with the exfoliating wash, dry it, apply the brightening toner (i think this was my favorite product that comes with the kit!), brush my teeth while the toner set, and then apply the dual active brightening complex. easy as one-two-three.


here are the results that i got! these pictures are taken exactly eight weeks and one day apart. i don't have any face makeup on in either one. i purposely took the ever-so ~classy~*~ iPhone selfie for both shots so there wasn't a difference in camera used. i took the "after" shot literally two seconds ago after going swimming with storie, so these are comin' at choo live. my eyeshadow is a lil cray cray, but c'est la vie. i'm so excited with the results! i feel like my face looks way less red. the coloring of my complexion is so much better! it was definitely worth the extra two minutes that i spend on myself every night.


how do you guys practice self care? i think that it's so important. i struggled with it for most of my life because i didn't want to be selfish or self-absorbed or anything like that. but i am realizing now that one of the most important things is to LOVE YOURSELF! you truly can't pour from an empty cup. take care of yourself so that you can take care of others and go out and change the world!!!! all that starts with your skin care ;)  

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agritopia + son de flor

lessons from the bathroom cabinet

lessons from the bathroom cabinet