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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


ten things

ten things

1. storie is 16 months today!!! she is growing so fast. 

2. on a related note ^^^, brandtly and i went out to dinner with some new friends last night. as we were getting to know each other, one of them asked how old i was. i hesitated, paused, and said "...i'm not really sure but my baby will be 16 months tomorrow." haha! if that doesn't sum up being a mom, i don't know what does. (ps-- i'm 23).

3. i have a skin care regimen!!!!! it makes me feel suuuuuuper fancy. i'm actually loving it so far and i'm surprised at how fast and easy it is! i was way intimidated at first with the multiple bottles, but it only takes me about two extra minutes at night. *washes face once, starts practicing water splashing on face for my inevitable career as a neutrogena skin model*

4. storie neeeeeeds a haircut. like... four months ago. hahaha she looks sooo raggedy. i texted a picture of her to my mom today. my mom's response? "orphan."

5. probably one of my best marriage tips is to WATCH VINES AND LOOK AT MEMES TOGETHER. there have been so many times where brandtly and i have quoted or referenced something funny in a tense moment that completely erased all the stress and had us both busting up laughing. my current personal fav is this one. an oldie but goodie.

6. storie has the prettiest skin color i've ever seen in my life. she has gone swimming a couple of times this week with her grandma while i've been at school and she is already so dark!! it is so cute to see her little tan lines. it reminds me of her first summer when she had tan lines on her thigh rolls.

7. i am loving this podcast called nutrition redefined!! the host, stephanie, is just amazing. i'm kind of picky with podcasts and i get turned off super quick if the sound quality is poor, if they talk too slow, etc. i think that everything she does is perfect! super entertaining to listen to and her message is just unbeatable. i can't recommend it enough!

8. today i was thinking about raising storie and our future children when they are in their teenage years. it's such an important stage of life as they'll transition from adolescence to adulthood. i told brandtly that i think i want to loosen up on the rules that we give our kids once they're a senior in high school. i think that having an iron fist on your kids is often counterproductive and i would hate to instill a sense of rebellion in our kids or give them the impression that we don't trust them to make good decisions on their own. i would love to give them a little more freedom and a little more responsibility (right, uncle ben?) their last year of living at home before they go off to college. that way, they can really start to form their own personal rules and standards that they want to uphold, not just because mom and dad tell them to and they'll get grounded if they don't.

9. it is chapstick melting season in arizona!!!! it's already in the 90s temperature wise. zoiks.

10. i have the craziest obsession with protein bars. like, i would eat them all day every day if i could. i LOVE THEM. my current favorite is this one (really good macros), then this one  (a little harder to find, a little more expensive, and a little higher in calories), and then this one. SO FREAKING GOOD. and of course, my all time favorite, but don't eat as much because it's higher in fat and not sold locally where i live, THIS ONE

lessons from the bathroom cabinet

lessons from the bathroom cabinet

partner workout

partner workout