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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


optical illusions

optical illusions


super cute, right? just a mom and daughter having a blast. so cute. so fun.


...until you turn it upside down. and hone in on that sweet lil baby face.

she's a regular gerber baby.

when i first saw the picture, i was honestly STOKED because it is pretty hard to get a picture of her smiling these days. she's fairly anti-camera, to my instagram aesthetic's dismay. i turned my phone upside down to get a better look at that sweet, smiling face...

only to find that she was miserable hahaha and i could not stop laughing.

it must be because i'm now a ~*~mom~, but my mind immediately created a nice little metaphor: sometimes, things are not always as perfect as they may seem.

this is especially relevant when considered through the lens of social media.

we've all heard it a thousand times: comparison is the thief of joy, instagram is a highlight reel, yadda-yadda-yadda. but i think we need to KEEP hearing it and KEEP saying it because it is IMPORTANT! comparison really can kill ya. it can ruin your day and cause fights and turn you into a lesser version of yourself. i think it's so important to know that, even if something or someone seems perfect from the outside... they're not. you have to flip the picture upside down, walk in their shoes, or really dig deep to see the struggles or the pain or whatever.

in honor of this, i'm going to flip the picture of my life upside down and let you guys in on some not-so-perfect facts about me that wouldn't make it on to my IG highlight reel:

1. brandtly and i both drive really crappy cars. like, they are both 15+ years old. and ugly. no cute mom car for me!

2. i drool when i sleep.

3.  i didn't get asked to the homecoming dance in high school. i'm not sure how your high school experience was, but at my high school, the dances were a BIG. DEAL. everyone went all out with how they asked, day activities, night activities, etc. at the time, it was embarrassing and really sad that i didn't get asked.

4. i have a special needs sister that i wish i was more patient with. she is suuuuper hard to handle and every day i feel that i fall short in the amount of love and patience i show her.

5. i really had my heart broken my senior year of high school.

6. i get SUPER hangry EMBARRASSINGLY fast.

7. i have been super passionate about two activities in my life: ballet and crossfit. kind of random and they are kind of opposite of each other, but i never felt like i was as good as i wanted to be at either activity. this was super hard for me because i have super high expectations for myself and it made me feel like a failure. who else is a perfectionist and sometimes has it ruin their life?! :D

shoutout to storie for sponsoring this message and blog post. hope you guys have a great week! xo

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