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happy earth-day to you

happy earth-day to you

earlier this week, i asked for recommendations for how to live more environmentally friendly. you guys had the BEST suggestions (as always!) and i wanted to share the most repeated tips that i received! 

  • no straws
  • use reusable bags
  • recycle!! 
  • turn off lights when you exit the room
  • diva cup
  • use rags instead of paper towels
  • cloth diapers

i love these ideas! it can feel kind of overwhelming if you are starting from ground zero, but i'm going to start by cutting back on the disposable products that i use, like paper plates, straws, ziplocs, serran wrap, etc.

i got this causebox to help me get started in the right direction. causebox is a freakin' cool seasonal delivery box filled with awesome products just for women. their most recent 2018 winter box had a beanie, a super yummy candle, an awesome table runner, super cool geometric earrings... all the good stuff. to honor earth day, this causebox consisted of products that encourage an environmentally friendly lifestyle. 


first item: this delicious keap candle! i wish there was a scratch and sniff feature. this candle smells SO GOOD. it's so so yummy! these candles are made with the purest ingredients available and every sale supports distribution costs to get solar lamps to communities in need. i love a company that gives back... especially if they have good packaging!


second item is this super cool garden-in-a-can. this product could not get any more self explanatory: you literally just grow the garden from the can. so easy! i love this idea because i love using fresh herbs when cooking. i'm going to get the basil and cilantro cans next so i can keep them all in my kitchen near the window! i can feel my thumbs turning green already.


next up is this sunscreen from babo botanicals. this sunscreen is perrrrrrfect for my family because storie is a baby (obviously), brandtly has sensitive skin (tends to get a rash when he uses regular sunscreen), and i'm just a mom that doesn't want to lug around three different kinds of sunscreen to accommodate the needs of her family. this is an all-in-one type of thing and i can't be more excited for our pool-side summer days!


this joco cup is perfect for all my hot drink lovers! each year, there is over FIVE HUNDRED BILLION disposable cups used and thrown away. that figure is CRAZY. these cups are designed to last a lifetime so you (yes, you!) can stop contributing the the five hundred billion figure. 


these u-konserve containers *heart eye emoji heart eye emoji heart eye emoji* i'm obsessed with these! i've been using them all week for taking my own school to lunch in and stashing snacks for storie in her diaper bag. they keep things cold and eliminate the need for plastic bags!


this bee's wrap is another awesome way to reduce usage of plastic bags, as well as serran wrap! the pack that comes in the causebox has a small, medium, and large size that can wrap up pretty much any sort of leftover you may have. this set of three costs only $18 and you can wash them and reuse them for an entire year. not only will you be saving a ton of waste in the form of disposable storage, but you don't have to think about buying ziplocs every month, either!


the last product is the baggu bag. they come in SO many cute colors and are intended to replace the need for plastic bags. they can hold up to FIFTY POUNDS! no more doubling and tripling up on grocery bags to carry the one gallon of milk you bought that you could have just carried in your hands anyway. 

you guys can win one of these amazing boxes for yourself! click here to get all the details. i hope you guys found some of these eco-friendly tips helpful and will start implementing them into your lifestyle. it's pretty easy to be green.

11 things

11 things

linen dress lovin'

linen dress lovin'