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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


one romper three ways

one romper three ways

i think that one of the best ways to stretch your wardrobe are to invest in good accessories. it can be so annoying (and expensive!) to constantly feel the need to buy a new top or jeans because you're sick of wearing the same outfit. i think it's so much fun to start with a simple outfit-- like a white tee and jeans, for example-- and make it look completely different depending on footwear, jewelry, how you wear your hair, lipstick, etc. 

i got this romper from anthropologie for TWELVE NINETY-SIX. $12.96!!!! it was the absolute last one left in the whole store and it was conveniently in my size. brandtly was with me and he was like, "don't think, just buy". i knew i picked a good one.

anyway, i like rompers because they're easy. you don't have to worry about coordinating your top with your bottoms (you DO, however, have to worry about when you go to the bathroom and then you're shivering in a stall completely naked. still. i like rompers.). and this particular one is SO COMFY. it looks a tiny bit like pajamas, but the shoulders are more structured so i think i can get away with dressing it up or leaving it casual. win win win.


for the first round of styling, i kept it supes casual. this is something i would probably wear when i roll out of bed ten minutes before i have to leave somewhere and i just need to huuuurrrryyyyyy. easy, comfortable sneakers, a denim jacket for an added layer, and a messy top knot. DUN. 


the next styling is a little less casual, but still cozy. this cardigan is my fav. so comfy and the perfect length! heeled boots dress it up a little bit, but it's still casual with the hat. the hat, by the way, that i've worn probably every day since i bought it in 2016. i sometimes sleep with it on. just kidding.


i'm on a red kick! i think it is so fun. i'm in love with these shoes and wanted a bright hair accessory to match the shade. naturally, the french market bag had to be thrown on to match the beret. oui-oui.


i hope that each + every one of you are blessed with the good fortune of finding a perfectly fitting, wonderfully comfortable anthropologie romper for $12.96. AMEN.

random thought: my friend chelsey had this quote on her instagram story a few weeks ago and i loooved it:

"if you believed in santa clause for ten years

you can believe in yourself for like two seconds."

'believe in yourself' is such a cheesy phrase that it kinda makes me cringe to say it out loud or even type, but it is true. i hope you believe in yourself to ace your test, reach your goals, set boundaries, accept yourself, or whatever it is that you are struggling with and working on! believe in yourself and believe in your selfie!!!

have a great week!

storie, the dairy queen

storie, the dairy queen

picnic at the park

picnic at the park