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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


ten things

ten things

i hope you're having an amazing week!! it's always rough getting back to da grind after a long, overindulgent break. i myself like to soften the blow by eating lots of oreos and seeing the greatest showman three times. here are 10 random things that have happened to my small family + i recently.

1. i was putting storie down for her morning nap. i always give her a bottle, snuggle her up all cozy with her blankets, and rub her back while repeating "it's time for sleep, storie. it's time to go to sleep. sleep, storie. shhh." then i usually watch (AKA OBSESS) over her by the door for a few minutes before leaving her to her beauty slumber (not that she needs it. have you seen her lashes. have you.) today, i was watching her like normal, but she sat up, turned around, looked right at me, and SHOOED me out off the room!!!!! shooed!! by a one-year-old. it's all downhill from here.

2. i officially started school! on the first day, i was embarrassingly giddy :/ something about taking notes and studying and learning new concepts, words, and terms make my heart pitter-patter.

3. we are loooooving arizona. this past monday was the college football play-offs and my parents invited some family members over to our house for a football fiesta. there were kids running around everywhere, laughter in every corner, and kendrick lamar dance parties at halftime. it was perfect. THIS is why we moved to arizona and i am so happy for storie to grow up so surrounded by people that adore her!

4. the only downside about living in arizona is that we still don't have a house. my parents so kindly opened up their space to us (i actually think they just invited storie and brandtly and i just got accepted by default), so we are living with them until we can get things figured out. it is an absolute blast being home. my family is EVERYTHING to me and i love each of them so much. however, adopting two adults and a one-year old is no small feat, so i am hoping that we can get out of their hair as soon as possible and we can move all of our stuff out of their garage! we're the worst. parents are the best. we don't deserve them.

5. brandtly is obsessed with planet earth. he has watched it every night this week hahaha he is so funny. at first, my teenage brothers were kind of mocking him for it, but now, they are deffff lingering in the background when it is turned on haha. there was this scene with a bunch of snakes chasing an iguana trying to kill it and they were all JUMPING up and down and SCREAMING. they were so into it; it was hilarious!

6. THIS. IS. US.

7. i think it's important to remember that most people have good intentions. i think it's always so important to give people the benefit of the doubt and always be kind no matter what!

8. i'm kind of paranoid about storie burning her mouth or hands on hot food. i have always emphasized saying "HOT!" over and over again when i give her food on her highchair tray. i must have overdone it juuuuust a tad because now she says "ah!" (how she says the word "hot") every time i give her any kind of food. haha even if it's right from the fridge. she always blows on it too. it is just so cute.

9. 2018 should be the year about falling in love with YOURSELF. it's okay to be selfish and focus on yourself to really become comfortable with who you are (which is amazing, btw) so that you can then spread the joy with other people and help them love themselves, too.

10. brandtly (very kindly) asked me to stop popping my hips in front of him and it is SO HARD TO DO. i did ballet all growing up, so i alwaaayyys popped/stretched out my hips a ton. it's kind of a freaky sound, it's super loud and unexpected and it weirds him out. i'm trying so hard to remember to do it but i keep forgetting!! must break habit. must become irresistible to husband once more. 

flying with a baby

flying with a baby