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the other day, i received an email from a cute mom-to-be. she expressed her desire to have a healthy, fit pregnancy and her concern that she would never "get her body back". SAME, GIRL!!! i think every mom wants the absolute best for baby and wants to feel hot while doing it. 

health and fitness have always been two things i have been SO passionate about. this didn't change when i found out i was pregnant. i just went to a normal gym after graduating high school, but i started doing crossfit with brandtly about six months into our marriage. then, SURPRISE! a month later i found out i had been pregnant almost the whole time :):):):) i had completely fallen in love with the sport and was not going to give it up when i had a cute little babe growing inside me that depended on me to be healthy! plus, i LOVED (still do) it. that's my first piece of advice for expectant moms or anyone that wants to get more in shape: FIND SOMETHING YOU LOVE. i don't care if it's yoga or rock climbing or pure barre or kickboxing. find something you want to do and then physical fitness won't become such a chore.

anyway, i worked out my entire pregnancy. there were definitely some days i did not make it to the gym, but that was because i also did not make it out of bed. if i was feeling well enough to function as a semi-normal human being, i was well enough to go to crossfit! there were some movements i opted out of as i got further along (rope climbs, jump rope, hand-stand push-ups to name a few), but for the most part i was able to do everything until the day i delivered. 

my diet remained pretty consistent to how i ate pre-pregnancy as well. i did not eat for two. you don't have to. in the third trimester, you should maybe add, like, an additional 200-300 calories, but that's like a banana with a little bit of peanut butter. not a third dinner. i tried hard to hit six servings of lean protein (i.e, chicken breast), six servings of vegetables (broccoli), two servings of fruit (apple), two servings of healthy grains (sweet potato), and one serving of healthy fat (olive oil or avocado) every day. that being said, there were some days when NOTHING sounded good. i would have to force myself to eat to give calories to my baby. on those days, i just ate whatever sounded good because then i at least knew i wouldn't throw it up and my body would have something to work with. i would try to pair that with some sort of vegetable. fun fact: when i was super sick, the only thing that i was able to keep down every time were five-layer burritos from taco bell. DON'T KNOCK IT TILL YA TRY IT.

with this clean (ish) diet and consistent physical activity, i gained 25 pounds during my 41 weeks of pregnancy. another tip for moms: DON'T GET CAUGHT UP ON THE WEIGHT. your body will do what it needs to do! some people gain it all in the early weeks of pregnancy, some pack it on at the very end. some gain 20, some gain 60. there's NOTHING you can do about how your body puts on weight. but you CAN help you and your baby be healthy by exercising and eating as healthy as you can. focus on that. the number on the scale doesn't matter if you are doing those two things.

now for the fun part... POSTPARTUM PICTURES!!!

these pics were taken three days after i gave birth to storie! notice how i still look pregnant... this is totally normal! first time moms, don't go into labor thinking that your stomach will be completely flat as soon as your sweet baby comes out. it takes a hot minute! ps-- SO sorry about the ratchet-ness of all these photos. had i known i would eventually use these for a blog post, i would have cleaned the mirror, NOT made faces that make me resemble oscar the grouch (see below), or at least taken off my XL nike sweats. lesson learned. 

this is four days after giving birth! i look very grumpy (hi, oscar!). also, i'm wearing granny panties. another glamorous part of postpartum.

five days after delivery! the bump is less noticeable, but my mid-section is quite a bit thicker than my pre-pregnancy waist. your uterus does take a while to contract back down to it's original size and get used to not having a baby in there. this often results in heavy bleeding/cramping, but i thankfully didn't experience much of that.

six days after delivery! i was feeling pretty good at this point and wanted to go back to the gym (brandtly wouldn't let me). i was up and walking two days after giving birth. my mom and i would go to the mall and pace for hours (we couldn't be outside because it was december in utah and v cold), and i went for a run two weeks after delivering! i didn't go back to crossfit until almost a full month after delivery. 

aaand this was exactly five weeks postpartum! i remember the date because i set a goal before storie was born to have my six pack back by six week postpartum. having it reappear a little earlier was a nice surprise for me!


i felt very fortunate to have a healthy, low risk pregnancy and an even easier delivery. seriously, my delivery was awesome. i pushed three times and i was laughing with excitement the whole time. i contribute ALL of that to the healthy, active lifestyle i tried to maintain the entire nine months. even though you feel sick, even though everything hurts, even though you are exhausted, i so encourage you to get up and MOVE! pushing a baby out of your body is one of the hardest workouts you will ever do haha so prepare for it! you don't sign up for a marathon on a whim; you train, you plan, you push yourself hard for the days leading up to the race. pregnancy and delivery is the same way. moral of the story: you owe it to your baby AND yourself to be the healthiest + happiest you can be. also, always keep your bathroom mirrors cleaned.


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marriage tips from a very experienced newly wed