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valentine's day

valentine's day

valentine’s day is one of my FAVORITE days. the whirlwind that the end of the year brings is completely halted after new year’s eve; we’re left to endure a month of january that is cold, dark, and STUPID (is it just me, or does snow lose most of its magic after christmas?). the month feels extra long, and i love that valentine’s day is soon after to give us a quick pick-me-up and enjoy a day with those we love. 

i wanted to do something extra for b this year. having a newborn has definitely been time consuming and we’ve had to adjust as our duo became a trio. he has been such an amazing father and husband and i appreciate him SO much! so, yeah, i needed to go all out for him.

my cute friend hannah (she does my eyelash extensions and she’s the BOMB, hit her up!) told me about a romantic “12 days of christmas” that she heard about— basically, you do something for your spouse every day for the 12 days leading up to the holiday. i thought it was SUCH a good idea, but i couldn’t wait until december. i decided ditch st. nick and recruit the help of st. valentine instead.

12 days before valentine’s day (friday, february 5th), brandtly and i went on our first date without storie (shoutout to my aunt ashlyn for babysitting!!). over a romantic plate(s) of sushi (duh), i gave him an envelope with this poem:

"jingle bells, frosty, & a happy new year,

all these are songs that spread Christmas cheer.

there's one Christmas carol so full of delight,

a count down so merry it lasts for 12 nights!


"the twelve days of Christmas" is a way to show love

through partridges & pear trees & two turtle doves.

it's usually sung at the end of the year,

but I'm singing it now for just YOU to hear.


the twelve days of Valentine's is my way to show you

that I love & appreciate all that you do.

this countdown is one that comes from the heart

so get ready because tonight's when it starts!!”

YOU ALREADY KNOW i was stoked when i wrote that poem. i’ve always enjoyed writing (won multiple contests for it all growing up *bows*), and i get such a thrill when i write something i’m proud of. it was so hard to keep it a secret from brandtly!! he gave me a huge high five after reading it and said i’m the wittiest and the prettiest #brandtlysays. here is what i did for him each day leading up:

a partridge in a pear tree: a “pear” of stance socks

two turtle doves: a surprise chocolate fondue dessert made out of “dove” chocolate

three french hens: french kisses throughout the day hee hee

four calling birds (WHY SO MANY BIRDS???): i called him when he was at school and told him how much i loved him

five golden rings: storie and i surprised him at school and gave him his favorite drink and cookie out of my hand that i have five golden rings on (this one was a stretch just go wit it)

six geese a-laying: breakfast in bed with eggs, bacon, and pancakes

seven swans a-swimming: private hot tub night!! 

eight maids a-milking: chocolate milk protein shake after his morning workout

nine ladies dancing: tickets to see a ballet next month. #DATENIGHT!!!

ten lords a-leaping: new crossfit shoes to help him “leap” higher and faster (also a stretch, but he loves them and they have that black and camel color combo that i’m obsessed with)

eleven pipers piping: blink 182 CD’s *sigh* *eyeroll* *accepts husband for who he is*

twelve drummer’s drumming: spent the evening of valentine’s day cooking together a yummy dinner of ribs, drumsticks, and steak #protein #GAINZ

doing this was SO much fun! i loved it because some days were actual gifts, some days were acts of service, and some days were just little things to show my love for him. it was something different than oh-no-what-do-i-get-my-husband-for-valentine’s-day-i-guess-i’ll-give-him-another-tie and it was so fun to surprise him every day. he’s the absolute best and deserved nothing less. i hope you all had a fab valentine’s day and were smothered with loooove!

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