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storie's nursery tour

storie's nursery tour

if i'm being totally honest, storie's room is the cutest in the whole house. the family room is decent, our kitchen is okay, our bedroom is a COMPLETE travesty, but her room is cute. before she was born and people would come over to our house, brandtly and i would be like, "hi welcome, want to see our baby's nursery?" we were just so excited to create this space for our little peanut and it was such a fun project to work on together (my personal favorite moment was when brandtly and his dad spent 2+ hours putting up her wallpaper. they were so cute and so determined to make it perfect!). i pulled inspiration for this space from photographer paige jones and designer sarah sherman samuel. their babe's have nurseries fit for royalty and i loved what they created. here's a little tour of storie's stomping grounds...

SO that wreath was made out of a hoola hoop from toys r us (just being real w you) and fake greenery garlands from hobby lobby. i should probably make a trip up to get more garlands, because you can definitely see the bright colors of the hoop poking through. oh well.

the elephant hanging is from hobby lobby. this was a random find, but i immediately fell in love with the sweet mama and babe pachyderm duo. have you guys seen dumbo? haha there is this VERY HEARTWARMING scene where dumbo goes to visit his imprisoned mom and she sings him the sweetest lullaby called "baby mine". i always sang that to storie when i was pregnant with her (voice recognition and all that), so having a little elephant hanging next to her rocking chair where many more lullabies would be sung seemed appropriate.

the pouf is from target. it's nice to have this double as a foot rest and as a little side table, depending on where it is positioned in relationship to the rocking chair.

this mobile was a DIY project! i got everything from hobby lobby (i kinda love that place). the crib is from ikea and super easy to assemble. the natural wood and the price tag make it kind of hard to beat.

one of my favorite parts of her nursery!! this beautiful custom-made macrame hanging was done by my gorgeous friend, shelby. she has magic fingers and can make pretty much anything (this hanging chair?! i die).

another one of my favorite parts! this is a poster of my sweet little storie, along with all of her birth statistics listed at the bottom of the poster. the swedish artist evelina westman offers six timeless illustrations to choose from that are all drawn to scale. you can see all of them and order your own on their website!

THIS FREAKING MOSES BASKET is our fav!! it's the perfect little portable bed. we can easily carry her from room to room, depending on what we're doing (her personal favorite is being on the kitchen counter with the blinds open so she can look out the window). i highly recommend a moses basket! ours is from design dua. we got the bilia basket in natural plain, but they have a ton of beautiful patterns and colors to choose from. we love it!

here's a closeup of the wallpaper! i'm a fan because the neutral colors combined with the busy, smaller-scaled pattern almost adds a texture to the wall, as opposed to an obvious or bold pattern. it's such a nice touch to add to any room! the wallpaper company, chasing paper, has been awesome because it's removable wallpaper that you can adhere yourself. this was huge for us because we live in an apartment! it comes off super easily and will be a piece of cake to remove when we eventually move. 

lots of story books for my storie girl! the darling wooden knick-knacks are from little sapling toys and little cottonwood.

her dresser was also a DIY! we got a six drawer dresser for super cheap off of KSL and repainted it and gave it new hardware.

BABY ANIMALS!! these prints might be brandtly's favorite part of the nursery.

her rocker was one of the harder purchases! i knew it was something that i would be spending a lot of time in, so i obviously wanted it to be comfortable (hellllooo, 3 AM feedings!), but i wanted it to be cute as well. it was hard finding a chair that was trendy, comfortable, and NOT $2000. i bought this chair online because i liked the mid century look, it matched everything in her room, and the price was reasonable. then it came, i sat on it, and it's COMFY! i was so stoked. it's hard to tell from the photos, but the seat of the chair is very deep and the back of the chair is very tall. the bigger dimensions make it easy for me to be comfortable in multiple decisions (slouched in the chair with my head supported against the back of the seat, sitting upright with my legs crossed on the chair, etc). i really like this chair and i'm glad that we found it! 

and, of course, the rug! poor brandtly is always confused as to why i buy rugs ("babe, there is ALREADY a rug in the room. it goes from wall to wall. it's called carpet."), but rooms just feel unfinished to me without one. we got ours from overstock and i love what it does to the space!


so there's her nursery tour! i love this room and the memories we will make in it. hopefully my room can be next.

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