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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


25 things for 25 years

25 things for 25 years

1. last year, for the first birthday of yours that we spent together, i made you breakfast in bed. looking back at that now, i cringe. you HATE breakfast in bed!! you hate eating in bed! you are such a neat freak and cannot stand getting crumbs in your "sleeping zip code". sincerest apologies for 2015.

2. you have an obsession with bowls. when i think of bowls, i think that they are made for cereal and ice cream and soup. you want to eat everything out of a bowl!! even, like, pizza.

3. you're so curious!! it's one of the things that i admire most about you. your curiosity stems from your observance, which i also admire. i learned this about you when we went on our first road trip and you kept a constant stream of questions regarding everything we passed.

4. you cannot walk past me without kissing my cheek or squeezing my butt. nevah stop.

5. you would rather go to the grocery store and buy a carton of ice cream than go to an ice cream place (like cold stone) to get ice cream. 

6. you wear the ugliest shoes :( i internally-- and externally-- cringe every time you put them on. but then i look at your cute face, and i realize that these hideous shoes are a part of you! and i actually admire your confidence in wearing them, and how you are so unapologetically yourself. i love you for that.

7. your left pinky is disturbingly crooked because you've broken it so many times playing football.

8. you never tie your shoes!! i can not figure this one out for the life of me. i'll even bend down to tie them for you, and you'll like shake your foot away so i can't finish?! it's the most endearing thing.

9. you prefer podcasts or audio books to music.

10. you need to have a light on if we're eating something (i.e, popcorn) while watching a movie. you're kind of sloppy and you'll spill on yourself and won't even notice without a light on.

11. when we go to a restaurant, you always order regular/diet dr. pepper or a flavored lemonade for your drink. bonus points if the lemonade comes with sugar dusted on the rim of the glass.

12. your favorite episode of the office is stress relief: part one.

13. on our first date, we went to a football game. both of our phones died, we got separated, so i walked five miles home alone in the dark. you ran around the entire stadium 124080234710 times in a desperate attempt to find me. 

14. the first time i knew you were extra special was when i asked your roommate, ethan, how his mom was doing, because she had had surgery earlier that day. you said, "how did you know about that?" and i said, "ethan told me about it last week". you said, "and you remembered?" and i said, "i guess so!" and you just looked at me for a long time. later, you said, "you're more than just an amazing head of hair".

15. you have an obsession with fires. not in a pyromaniac type of way, but with the ambiance they create. you love the sound, the smell, and the warmth. i'm so excited for winter, but only because of this.

16. you think that oblivion should be a crime.

17. you broke your collarbone in high school because you drove your motorcycle across the wet football field and flipped over the handlebars.

18. your hair care routine is more in depth than mine. you're very particular about your haircut and can't live without the little $15 blow dryer you bought from CVS.

19. if you could sit down with anyone for lunch, it would be joseph smith, winston churchill, or woodrow wilson. 

20. brunch is your favorite meal.

21. you think financing a car (or anything, with the exception of school tuition or a mortgage) is stupid.

22. speaking of cars, your absolute dream is a tesla model S P90D. 

23. on our honeymoon, we lived off of dried mangoes from costco, club crackers, and chicken salad.

24. you got lost on a church super activity when you were 15 and spent three days alone in the mountains.

25. you are so incredibly adored. no one loves, admires, and cherishes anyone more than i do you. 


happy birthday, b. i'm glad you were born so i can really live.

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