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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


four hairstyles : one accessory

four hairstyles : one accessory

 photography:  sydney aylesworth  || dress:  piper & scoot

photography: sydney aylesworth || dress: piper & scoot

i remember a morning back in 2011-- i was a sophomore in high school, desperate to impress a cutie in my first hour, and determined that a new hairstyle was the way to do it (?). i set my alarm for 4:45 AM, spent an hour and a half intricately braiding my hair, and prepared myself for love. my arms felt like they were going to fall off. not only did first hour cutie not even NOTICE, but one of my closest friends said "....wait are there braids in your hair? cute!"

needless to say, i should have slept in.

my hair is too curly and twirly to really notice the dozens of small braids that i had slaved over. because of this, i always opt for a hair accessory: they're fast, easy, and you can always notice them. my current fav is working with a scarf. i have found that the silk ones work the best. they're not too bulky and are easily manipulated! i put together four quick tutorials (each hairstyle took less than two minutes) for you to try next time you are in a hair pinch!

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hairstyle #1: the braid

sydney thorton_-0024.jpg

1. start by gathering the top third of your hair. i had my hair parted slightly to the right and left out some of the front pieces so it had a more ~*~relaxed~~ look.


2. divide hair into three equal parts and do a standard braid. i stopped about two-thirds of the way down and then pulled the the top hair pieces out so it wasn't so slicked back.

sydney thorton_-0033.jpg

3. tie the scarf around the hair tie. i just tied it once; i didn't knot it or anything.

sydney thorton_-0031.jpg


hairstyle #2: the bun

sydney thorton_-0010.jpg

1. begin by gathering all of your hair in a high ponytail.

sydney thorton_-0011.jpg

2. twist your hair in the ponytail so it easier to manage. once my ponytail is twisted, i wrap it counterclockwise around itself until it's gathered into a bun. 

sydney thorton_-0012.jpg

3. secure bun with bobby pins. i also like to pull my hair out so it gives the appearance of a thicker bun. reshape and twist as needed to achieve your V EXACT messy bun look.

sydney thorton_-0013.jpg

4. tie bandana around bun. i like to start by crossing the scarf at the back of the bun so then i can wrap it around and the ends of the scarf meet at the front of the bun. from there, i just tie the ends around each other.

sydney thorton_-0015.jpg


hairstyle #3: the bubble braids

sydney thorton_-0018.jpg

1. begin by tying the scarf around your head. i like to knot the bandana right where my part is and leave some of the front pieces that frame my face out!

sydney thorton_-0019.jpg

2. separate hair into two equal parts to make the two pigtails.

sydney thorton_-0020.jpg

3. tie small, clear elastic hair ties all the way down your hair. i did mine about an inch and a half apart, but you can do them as far or as close as you like! pull the hair apart so it looks thicker. 

sydney thorton_-0021.jpg

4. scrunch the top part of your hair as well to add volume.

sydney thorton_-0022.jpg


hairstyle #4: the tuck

sydney thorton_-0002.jpg

1. tie the headband over your hair. knot it at the front right over your part.

sydney thorton_-0005.jpg

2. begin tucking your hair up and into the scarf. the scarf should hold all your hair.

sydney thorton_-0006.jpg

3. pin excess hair pieces as needed. shape to preference.

sydney thorton_-0008.jpg


here are some of my current favs scarves!

every day hair tutorial

every day hair tutorial