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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


every day hair tutorial

every day hair tutorial

every day hair tutorial

hi + welcome to my basic, every day hair tutorial! this is a process that i do about every three/four days, or whenever my curls are lookin' a 'lil scraggly. this is definitely when my hair is at its prime, so i'll always do this on a day that i want my hair extra cute. 

the only specific product i used is called tossd salt spray. i loooove this stuff. it works better than other gels i've used because it doesn't make my hair crispy/crunchy (yum), and it's better than creams/serums because it controls the frizz better. it can be applied to wet or dry hair, which i love, and it smells amazing! 

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you can use the code SOELSISTER for 15% off your bottle of tossd salt spray here!

step one: wash + condition

the first thing i do is wash my hair. i don't use any specific shampoo or conditioner. i have tried this kind before, but i don't notice much of a difference when i use that kind or the super cheap suave brand. naturally, i go with the cheap option.

i always wash my hair, rinse it, brush it out, and then apply conditioner. brushing my hair out when it's still wet is key!! i have found that conditioning after all the tangles are sorted out helps tame the frizz. then i spritz just a little of the salt spray onto the ends of my hair. 

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step two: ring out hair

this step is mostly done to decrease the air dry time. i have never blown my hair dry and i think air drying helps avoid heat damage and allows my hair to grow longer! i'll separate my hair and ring out each section so there isn't any excess water. i also try to not brush my hair once i'm out of the shower.

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step three: apply product

i like to apply the spray to the same sections that i divided my hair into to ring out the water. i have a lot of hair, so this ensures that each curl gets some of the yummy spray. 

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step four: scrunch hair

after applying the product, i like to let my hair sit for 10-15 minutes before i touch it at all. i have found that touching/playing with my hair too much can make it really frizzy. i like to scrunch it only a few times while it is air drying. 

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step five: let hair air dry

i never blow dry my hair! air dry life for LIFE. also, waiting two hours for your hair to dry life for life. it takes a loooong time for my hair to dry, but i think it's worth it!

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easy enough, right? i have had a LOT of trial + error over the years, and this is by far the simplest and most effective routine i've ever had! i used to twirl each individual curl around my finger, blow dry my hair with a diffuser, lather on  3+ different products... i really enjoy the convenience of this easy routine. i hope this tutorial was beneficial for you! xx

photography: sydney aylesworth

four hairstyles : one accessory

four hairstyles : one accessory