is your hair naturally curly?

YES! I have had curly hair my entire life. when I was younger, it was a legitimate afro because it was still so short but so curly at the same time.  it didn't change through puberty, pregnancy, or postpartum. I think it is here to stay! (how to style it when I'm 70? zoiks)

where did your baby's name (Storie) come from?

:/ Y'ALL. I hate this question because I get it all the time and I don't have a good answer!!! it is honestly just the first name that my husband and I agreed on when I was pregnant. it's what we called her from five months into my pregnancy on. she has always been Storie. her full name is Storie Faye Thornton, and there IS meaning behind her middle name. it means "faith" in Spanish (spelled "fe"), which my husband is fluent in, and it is also the last name of my great great great great great grandmother! she was the first person to come to America and was a #bosslady. but no story behind the name Storie. sorry to disappoint.

how did you and brandtly meet?

my husband served a service mission for the LDS church in Paraguay for two years. when he was there, one of the men he served with was from Gilbert, Arizona (I'm from mesa!), and had a younger sister, Chelsey, that I became super close with after graduating high school. brandtly kept in contact once his mission was over, eventually met Chelsey, and we met through her! 

what do you shoot with for your instagram content?

this is a trick question because I actually don't own a camera. I really need to buckle down and invest in one, but the iPhone camera is so dang good that I have just used that for my entire instagram lifespan! if a photo is taken on a DSLR camera, it was taken by a photographer and I always credit them on the photo.

what do you use to edit your photos?

lightroom! i use my own edits.

what do you do for fitness/exercise?

brandtly converted me to crossfit a few months after we got married and I love love love it. I think that so many people are intimidated by it and I don't really know why...? it's not dangerous, it's not intimidating, it doesn't make you bulky. it's way freakin' fun and it's the best workout I've ever done. I am also a certified yoga instructor, so I try to implement that a few times a week as well. I haven't met a workout regimen that I don't love (except for running. meeeep.), and I really enjoy trying new things! I think that having an active lifestyle is so important, so I very much try to prioritize family walks, bike rides, hiking, etc. but crossfit forever. I'll do it until I die.

what are you going to school for?

psychology!! I plan to be a therapist for people with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. I could probably talk (preach?) forEVER about this topic, but if you are struggling with this, I highly recommend this book. and I also recommend contacting me in a few years when I am graduated and licensed to counsel. ;) 

who does your lashes?

when I lived in Utah, I went to ashie Ketchum. she is so talented! literally gets every single lash. she has a heart of gold and the skills of a wizard. 12/10 would recommend.


please feel free to leave a comment and/or email me if there is a question that I did not answer! I will continue to update this page as I get repeated questions. thank you so much! xx