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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


a woman of many hats

a woman of many hats

you know when you have a million things on your to-do list, and you don't really know where to start, so you just kinda start all of them, but you don't really finish any, and then all of a sudden the day is over and you've accomplished nothing? only me? kewl.

i feel like this a lot of days. adding a baby into the stresses of life adds a whole other element (a cute element!!!!! but a hard one). storie is SO cute, but like, SO needy. and some days, i'm just tryna do the dishes. or finish a paper for school. or fold laundry. or workout. OR RELAX. and then storie's like, "hi".

it can be frustrating.

something that has always helped me is to think of myself as a woman with many hats. i actually am a woman with many hats, so its not a very far stretch!! but i imagine that each of the roles that i play in my life is assigned to a specific hat. i have a hat for being a wife. for being a friend. for being a student. for being a cook and a laundress and an artist and an employer and a housekeeper and a blogger and a sister and a daughter and a mom.

i have a lot of hats.

i have found that it is helpful if i put on ONE hat and fully commit to it. for example, if my house is a disaster and i have to make dinner and work on a homework assignment and storie is crying, i evaluate each hat and determine which is the most important in that moment. once i choose a hat, that's it. if i choose to wear the mom hat and cheer up my crying baby, i don't allow myself to feel frazzled by the unswept floors and sticky countertops. if i choose to wear the chef hat, i don't let myself feel guilty for letting my baby cry for a few extra minutes. if i choose the housekeeping hat, i don't permit myself to be grumpy and stressed out when brandtly comes home because i haven't had time to do homework.

the reality is is that life is busy and sticky (just like my countertops). priorities are going to change all the time. i don't think it makes you a bad mom if you don't have your mom hat on 100% of the time. nothing else would ever get done! remembering my hats helps to keep me on track and be effective as possible with my time. it also helps me to not feel guilty about what i "should" be doing. i don't have time to feel guilty because of my own thoughts. i don't have time to put myself in a bad mood. GOOD VIBES ONLY!!

i hope this little analogy helps you in your day to day decisions. thanks for reading! xx

random side note: these hats are from gigi pip. super cute and super good quality! you can use the code SOELSISTER to get free shipping. just tryna be amazon. 

sometimes i feel like my baby hates me

sometimes i feel like my baby hates me