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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


bumpdate | week 27



bump: IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! for real this time. like, strangers are noticing and commenting on it. i love it! i really didn't pop until this week. but now it's here to stay, and i can't tie my shoes.

weight gain: 17 pounds

maternity clothes: yes. need more. i should start a gofundme.

cravings: no. still think that pregnancy cravings are a myth and it's an excuse to eat whatever you want.

hardest part about being pregnant: i am actually feeling super comfortable! i think that my morning sickness is finally (FINALLY!) gone for good, body aches/pains are minimal, and my appetite has come back. i'm able to work out every day and feel like my normal, pre-pregnancy self if i get enough sleep and remember to eat often. i'm enjoying and relishing in this sweet spot before i start to experience the side effects of the third trimester (swollen ankles, difficulty sleeping, etc). 

that being said, the hardest part about being pregnant this week is 100% emotional. it's pretty stressful knowing that you created a person with the person you love the most in the whole entire world, and that little person is completely dependent on you. it's easy to feel overwhelmed when you think about all the things that could go wrong. earlier in my pregnancy, when i felt my cute little babe move and flutter inside me, it was exciting. i would smile to myself and grab brandtly's hand so he could feel her, too. but now when she moves, i feel myself breathing a sigh of relief. offering a quick prayer of gratitude. and another follow-up prayer that she will continue to move, because that is my best way of knowing that she is safe and healthy and growing. let me tell you this: your parents LOVE YOU and they have not stopped worrying about your safety and happiness since before you were born.

movement: yes! all the time. i can actually see my stomach moving and responding to her movements, which is absolutely insane and so fun to watch.

weird pregnancy movement: i'm finding that it becomes increasingly difficult to run. i've never been a good runner, which makes me sad, but pregnancy has demoted me to a whole other level! my lower back gets extremely tight and tingles shoot down my legs all the way to my ankles. i've had to stop running and recommit to try to improve on it once i'm no longer pregnant (maybe).

what #brandtlysays: this week, we were sitting in church and this guy gets up to bear his testimony. he starts off, "good morning, brothers and sisters. these past four months have been pretty difficult for my wife and i. we had some serious complications with her labor and delivery and our baby's health..." my eyes IMMEDIATELY filled with tears, and brandtly, without even looking at me, mumbles "oh no", and hands me a tissue. it was pretty funny with how in synch he is with me.

bumpdate | week 36

bumpdate | week 21