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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


bumpdate | week 19

before i was pregnant, i HATED bumpdates. with a capital H!!! i felt like every pregnant lady posted a bumpdate every day and i was OVER IT. but now that i'm expecting, they are actually so fun to look at! i love reading about what other moms and moms-to-be are experiencing. it is absolutely insane that women of all shapes and sizes are able to GROW A HUMAN inside of them. it's the coolest thing ever and i am loving *every minute of it! (*except the parts where i'm throwing up)

due date: NOVEMBER 27TH! this is actually pretty cool because my birthday is november 28th! best birthday present ever! it's also cool because i am my mom's oldest child, so it's pretty neat to think that i am on the exact same track as she was when she was pregnant with her first kid, too.

bump: pretty nonexistent, as shown above! my midsection is just thick. it has definitely increased in inches, but no cute baby bump as of yet. hopefully i'll pop in the next few weeks!

gender: we don't know yet! we'll be finding out within a couple weeks. i'm leaning towards wanting a girl (bonnets!! lavender colored linens!! floral wallpaper!!) and brandtly wants a boy so he can "squat with him and stuff" (never mind that I MYSELF squat with him nearly every day). he also wants to name him troy. TROY!!!! when he told me that i said "oh!!! :) troy as in TRAITOR?"

weight gain: 5 pounds

maternity clothes: not yet! my clothes all still fit fairly normal, with the exception of the waistband of my jeans occasionally hurting my stomach when it's feeling tender or bloated. maternity jeans are definitely going to be purchased in the upcoming weeks!

cravings: OKAY. i think pregnancy cravings are a myth!!! yes, i want to eat chocolate chip cookies and milkshakes, but i'm pretty sure that's because they're chocolate chip cookies and milkshakes, and not because i'm pregnant :) i WAY MORE struggle with food aversions. food rarely sounds appealing and it's hard for me to eat.

hardest part about being pregnant: basically what i said above-- eating enough! i have found that if i don't eat every two hours or so, my body starts to HURT really badly! and then i feel awful for the rest of the day. so i try to eat very consistently, but it's hard to do when nothing sounds good and i know i might not even be able to keep it down. 

movement: i think so!! lil bebe isn't quite big enough to kick yet, but i am pretty sure i feel flutters, especially when i'm on my back!

weird pregnancy moment: the other day, i had some time to kill so i went to the little gym at our apartment complex to get in some extra cardio. i was just going to go on the bike for an hour or so while catching up on some reading, but my stomach hurt so bad that i couldn't even use those abdominal muscles to engage the circular pedaling motion of my legs! it was a strange experience. so i went back home and took buzzfeed quizzes.

queasy or sick: unfortunately, yes! not quite as bad as i was in the first trimester. i'm only throwing up about once a week (this week's incident happened to be in the bathroom of an airplane, 0/10 would recommend!!!!!!). i'm hoping it will continue to wear off as i progress through my pregnancy :)

things that make me PUMPED to be a mom: zara's baby line!!!

what #brandtlysays: so picture this!! b & i are asleep. and in my sleep, i hear a little girl voice say "sydney" EXTREMELY CLEAR! and my eyes just pop open. of course, i interpret this to mean that we're having a girl!!! so i shake brandtly awake and i say "brandtly!!! i think it's a girl!!" and i explain what just happened. unimpressed, he rolls over and mumbles, "cool but i just had a dream that it was a boy and he was the best basketball player there ever was" and goes back to sleep. stay tuned for which one of us is right ;)

bumpdate | week 21

#storietime : prologue