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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


bumpdate | week 21

bump: it's starting to show!! disclaimer: i practically threw out my back taking this picture because of how much i was arching it, a desperate attempt to make my bump look like a baby and not just like i indulged in too much of ben and jerry's half baked.

gender: IT'S A GIRL!! more details on a separate blog post.

weight gain: 8 pounds

maternity clothes: yes!!  i got some fab maternity jeans (i may never wear regular pants again?!) from pink blush maternity that can be purchased here and *here! also, ASOS pulls through every freakin' time. *brandtly LOVES LOVES LOVES these. he says they're the best jeans i own and that i should wear them every day! get them for your husband's birthday! ;)

cravings: nope! still just struggling to eat enough. trying super hard to have a spinach smoothie for breakfast and a salad for lunch every day and keep it down!

hardest part about being pregnant: my back started hurting SUPER bad this week. i'm pretty sure it's just because of the ligaments pulling and expanding, but it KILLS! brandtly has taken on the title of masseuse and heat-pad caretaker full time. i love him.

BEST part about being pregnant: a natural segue from my previous sentence! i LOVE brandtly. he's doing the summer sale thing right now, so he's out walkin' and knockin' in the hot texas sun for 8-11 hours a day. he still manages to come home and completely take care of me. the best part about pregnancy is how much you fall in love with your spouse all over again! i believe 100% that the best way to come to love a person is to serve them, and brandtly has the opportunity to serve me basically 24/7 because i'm pregnant and pregnant people are needy! his selflessness is such a turn on?! so i love him more, and i want to serve him more, and then we kiss, and then he loves me more, and then he serves me more, and then we kiss more, and it's just this awesome cycle that takes you and your spouse up and up and up. 

movement: yes!!!! mostly the flutter-like movements, but they are happening more often. i also have felt her kick once! brandtly has yet to feel a thing. hopefully that will happen soon!

weird pregnancy moment: this is a rather ongoing moment. it's very strange to realize that you are not your body's top priority. our entire life, our body fights for us! scabs are formed when we cut ourselves. our stomachs growl when we are hungry, alerting us that we need more energy to feel more alert and active. our temperature heats up, giving us a fever when we are trying to battle off an infection. the human body is amazing! and it's startling to realize that my body cares more about the little banana in my uterus than it cares about me. right from conception, motherly instincts subconsciously take over and do everything possible to ensure that the baby is safe and healthy, at the expense of our own comfort. it's such a sweet thing. and such a fantastic prologue of how i will feel the rest of my life. 

queasy or sick: still yes! 

things that make me PUMPED to be a mom: i'm so excited to hear brandtly give our baby a father's blessing. dads really are the best.

what #brandtlysays: names are now a hot topic since we know the gender. for some reason (?!?!?!!????), brandtly is completely set on naming our kids after elements on the periodic table? and have their nicknames be the abbreviations of the elements? so we would literally name our kid "oxygen" and have his/her nickname be "O". or name him/her "gold" and have the nickname be "au". i don't understand it at all. mostly because neither of us, like, ENJOY science? it would maybe make sense if brandtly was literally albert einstein? but he's not. so i don't understand.

bumpdate | week 27

bumpdate | week 19