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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.


#storietime : prologue

"wait. i haven't eaten peanut butter since friday. i haven't even THOUGHT about peanut butter since friday." (a thought i had on monday, april 4th)

it was in that moment that i knew something was different.

i felt sick with no indicative symptoms, my body was achy and tired, AND I WASN'T EATING PEANUT BUTTER! on thursday, april 7th, i said to brandtly, "hey! i might be pregnant!! hee hee?!?!" he said, "lol".

the next morning, i put my foot down. i had felt sick for almost a week straight, and if i wasn't pregnant, i at least needed to go to the doctor. on our way to the gym, i insisted that we stop by the grocery store right next door and pick up a pregnancy test to take later that day. as soon as we purchased that ominous little stick, we looked at each other, and could pretty much hear each others' hearts pounding. we ran into the gym and bolted to the bathroom. i took the test while brandtly watched his life flash before his eyes. 

we obviously weren't trying to get pregnant. we hadn't even been married for a full year yet! we were the stuff that mormon-mocking memes are made of!! but in the five seconds it took for my test's results to come back, i knew that whatever that result was, it would be totally okay! even though i didn't feel "ready" to be a mom, things would be fine. because really, when are we ever "ready" for anything? i don't know if anyone is ever 100% ready to get married or to come out to friends/family or to go on a mission or move out of the house. you just have to make the leap and jump! 

so when we saw that happy little + sign, we knew it was for real and we knew that we would be PARENTS! whenever i think about brandtly holding a little baby that's half me and half him, my heart just BURSTS! we are so so excited for this little blessing we have coming november 27th, 2016!

bumpdate | week 19