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bumpdate | week 36

WAHOO!! we're officially in the last month of pregnancy. here's a little update of what we've been thinking and feeling...

bump: all the cute, seasoned utah moms that i come across still tell me that i'm "carrying high" and "measuring small". as a first-timer pregnant lady, i don't have anything to compare it to and i haven't been around a lot other pregnant women recently, so i'm not exactly sure what is "normal", as far as looks go! i certainly don't feel small. i woke up last night simply because the skin surrounding my abdomen HURT! i could feel it stretching so tight and it was super uncomfortable. i guess we'll see if i continue to pop these last four (ish) weeks!

diet/cravings: trying hard to be healthy and not eat an entire box of cinnamon toast crunch every night. moving on.

nursery: we finally started! we have the crib, rug, dresser/changing table (need to repaint and put on our own hardware), and a few decorations. we still need to get a rocker, put up the wallpaper, make the baby mobile to hang over the crib, and add more cute decorations! oh, and fill the dresser drawers and closet shelves. with, you know, diapers and stuff.

movement: ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY. for real! i feel like she's so big that i just feel any movement, no matter how small. she still seems to favor my right side and around my navel. she also seems to have discovered that she can venture upwards into my ribcage. ouch.

pregnancy pains: i haven't experienced too much of the classic "last month" side effects! sleeping is getting more uncomfortable, yes, but i haven't had swollen feet or ankles or stretch marks or anything yet. we'll see what november brings!

i am feeling a lot of pain and pressure in my pelvis area. it pretty much throbs all day and occasionally, WHEN I'M REALLY LUCKY!!!!!, i'll get a super intense *zing*. i'm told that this is called "lightening crotch". awesome.

activity: so staying active for the first five months (so long, so sad) of my pregnancy was actually really hard. i enjoy working out, but i was just so sick that i couldn't do ANYTHING! i got certified as a yoga teacher in that time period and i tried really hard to make it to the gym at least four times a week, so i was doing that, but the latter part of my pregnancy has been a lot better as far as exercise goes. i've gone to crossfit pretty much every day since week 24! this has gotten a little harder in just the past few days, not necessarily because i feel sick or overly exhausted, but just because it is so uncomfortable! i can definitely feel my body preparing for this bebe's grande entrance into the world. running has been out of the picture for a month or so, my burpees are pathetic, and my right leg goes numb every other minute, but it really does feel good to get to the gym and sweat every day. i'm hoping i can continue to do so until the day i deliver!

doctor appointments: tomorrow is officially the beginning of our weekly appointments! that's pretty exciting. they're going to check to see how dilated i am for the first time!! i think that will make it all seem much more real. b and i are both looking forward to it!

baby shower: THIS WEEKEND! i'm super excited. it's in arizona so it will be awesome to see my family one last time before she comes. once the shower is over, we'll only have three weeks left until the due date, and then i think it will really start hitting us on how close we really are!!

what #brandtlysays: he's just super excited for me to not be pregnant anymore, which makes me feel a little guilty. i'm sure there are rockstar women out there who fly through the whole nine months without complaining; i am not one of them :) it is a LONG TIME to be so uncomfortable and feel so unlike yourself. i try every day to be positive, but it can get a little tricky when you feel so awful. we were talking the other night, and we each realized that we're in the hardest phase of any pregnancy (hopefully) we'll ever have. everyone i talk to is always so kind and encouraging and reassures me that "it will all be worth it when baby comes!!", which obviously i know, but i don't KNOW. i haven't held her yet. i haven't seen her. we haven't experienced the incomprehensible joy and love that will inevitably come in just one short month! right now, it's just a lot of anticipation, uncertainty, nerves, and body aches. i'm so grateful for a husband that is so sweet and still makes me feel so beautiful and strong every day. i can really feel the admiration and pride he has in me, which is just the best feeling in the world. i lucked out with him!

the birth storie

the birth storie

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