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my name is sydney, but you can call me syd.



for those that struggle with negative body image or disordered eating habits, the concept of 'loving your body' can feel 1209471023702 miles away. borderline impossible. 

i think that is okay.

i don't think you have to absolutely and unconditionally be 100% confident and obsessed with your body 100% of the time. we are all human; we'll have sick days, we'll have bad hair days, we'll have days where we have to do that annoying thing where we pull the top of our pants up over to cover our little stomach-pooch after an extra-good lunch.

it's all good.

instead of focusing on a seemingly impossible mental state of loving your body, i suggest that you first try to simply respect your body.

once you shift your focus to that, i believe many things can fall into place just a little bit easier. it's like that baby toy that is a hollow cube with different shape openings along the faces of the cube. you try to fit the star through the star hole, the triangle through the triangle hole. aiming to respect your body instead of full-on loving it is like someone removing a blindfold and now you can clearly see which shapes need to go into which holes. it might still take some rotating, but the task is much easier.

if you truly r e s p e c t your body, would you...

seriously restrict food?

call it ugly?

pinch your love handles?

stuff yourself silly to the point of excruciating abdomen pain?

participate in self harming activities?

overexercise and/or push through an injury or illness because you don't want to miss a day at the gym?

your body does some amazing things for you. spend some time appreciating it, spend some time respecting it, and then it might seem just a little bit easier to taking a step towards loving it.

actually, my stretch marks AREN'T pretty

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