hi, i'm sydney!

but you can call me syd.

the name of this website, "soelsister" came from my instagram handle that i started in 2014. my maiden name is sydney soelberg, hence the spelling, and when i was married and my last name changed to "thornton", i decided that "thorntonsister" just didn't have the same ring. so soelsister reigns on.

i was born, raised, and baked under the hot arizona sun my entire life. a year after graduating high school, i moved up to utah. the first person i met was my now-husband, brandtly, but you can call him b. we stayed in Utah until he graduated, but returned back to Arizona in January of 2018 so that we can both get our Master's at ASU (his in financial analytics + econometrics and mine in psychology).

i have always been surrounded by the arts. classical piano and ballet training filled my childhood with beautiful notes and beautiful lines. as i grew, i continued to have the privilege to be surrounded by artistic and creative spirits. it was this beautiful engulfment that led me to find my passion for all things of good style and good taste-- be it words, paintings, literature, movement, design, nature, music, architecture, or photography. I hope to put these passions to good use as I continue to create and share beautiful things with beautiful people (that's you!).

in addition, i'm a fan of chocolate chip cookies. i'm completely smitten by my husband (DUH! read about our love story under the journal tab) and my baby whom i think is perfect (!!!!!!!), prefer texting over calling, and feel that most of my problems would be solved if i had good lighting 100% of the time. i'm glad you've found my little piece of the internet. i hope that you see or read something on my little website that uplifts or inspires you, because that's when life can really get good.